St Dupont Oud and Rose Review

St Dupont Oud & Rose by ST Dupont Perfume is a division of the opulent Palace of a Thousand and One Nights collection. It is a delightful fragrance full of dense florals and luscious woodsy fragrance notes. It begins with the invigorating citrus smells of lime and lemongrass along with a bit of incense and a generous whirl of oud. The heart note is filled with the diverse scents of rose and geranium with a puff of saffron. The base floats in right away with the astute tones of patchouli, sandalwood, and musk with traces of balsam and vanilla. The aroma is noted to have exceptional longevity but isn’t too overwhelming either. It was first released in 2016.

The house of St Dupont was established in 1872 and specializing in well-made leather goods, essentially luggage. The company was extremely thriving and, by 1953, had expanded to incorporate many new ventures of accessories and leisure articles. The first scents were spurred by the fragrance of rich leather and were launched in 1998.
S.T. Dupont Oud & Rose Eau de Parfum is a really exciting and addictive fragrance that will make you fall in love all over again. Some key points of the scent include:

  • a floral, woody scent
  • a unisex fragrance – for both men and women
  • for both everyday wear and exclusive events

Fragrance Notes:

1. Top notes

Saffron, Vanilla, and Agarwood

2. Middle notes

Musk, Patchouli, and Rose

3. Base notes

Amber and Sandalwood

Fragrance category:

Floral, Oriental

Personal Reviews:

It is definitely one of the classic Oud and Rose Combo with the smell of the former ingredient a little bit more overpowering than the latter. The fragrance of the rose blooms slowly and has a rich aroma. It finally becomes sweet and luscious but still retains a bit of bitter edge, never quite becoming a gourmand, which I like personally. The composition of the fragrance is quite simple and in addition to the oud and rose, you can smell Patchouli and a bit f amber too. There is a soft vanilla smell as you delve a bit deeper into the scent. The dash of sandalwood that is present in the base note enhances the overall fragrance. It can be worn both day and night time, but I prefer to use it for evening events.

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