Scivation Xtend BCAA (Green Apple) Review

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In Summation

It’s hard to say if Xtend is the best BCAA because so many of these supplements offer different ingredients. Some are good pre-workouts because they contain ingredients like caffeine and beta alanine; Xtend doesn’t. Some have a wide range of vitamins; Xtend doesn’t.

But Xtend does have a good hit of electrolytes, some extra nutrients linked to muscle retention and circulation, it can be taken any time of day, and it’s very inexpensive. It does have artificial sweeteners, but if you don’t mind that, it’s a solid choice.


  • Inexpensive
  • High in electrolytes
  • May improve circulation and muscle retention


  • Contains sucralose and acesulfame potassium
  • Made in a facility with a wide variety of allergens
  • No stimulants, not a great pre-workout

Scivation is a North Carolina-based supplement organization that concentrates on the low-calorie side of exercise supplements. While they do promote whey protein powder, their brand name is commonly connected with their branched-chain amino acid supplements, which come with tremendous diversity.

Xtend is their trademark brand and it’s available in the form of pills, liquid, and naturally sweetened kinds. We chose to give a shot to the normal, artificially sweetened BCAA they’re best known for. It is a zero-calorie supplement with no carbs or sugar.

The Benefits: 

The BCAAs themselves are associated with promoting muscle protein synthesis, decreasing muscle soreness and raising strength. The broad assortment of electrolytes may serve to counter dehydration and maintain your muscles and nerves performing accurately, although it’s essential to learn that a liter of sweat has about 900 milligrams of sodium, over ten times the amount detected in a scoop of Xtend. So the electrolytes will assist, but just remember to keep on feeding yourself.

Vitamin B6 may help you maintain muscle, which is good advice for those of us who take BCAAs to counteract catabolism — especially as it seems that we lose B6 when we exercise.

Lastly, there’s the citrulline malate. This is an amino acid that’s associated with enhanced circulation and is seldom incorporated in workout supplements to increase longevity. The thing is that nearly every study that has bestowed that it may better the workouts that involve measures of at least six grams. Xtend only presents with one gram per serving, so it doesn’t appear that the citrulline malate will significantly enhance durability or power.

However, one-gram of dose measurements are seldom utilized as a common circulatory health supplement and it’s even associated with a lower risk of erectile dysfunction, so the citrulline malate in Xtend may have a purely positive impact on your overall well-being if not on the workout you’re about to do.

The Taste:

The green apple taste felt exactly like a tangy apple. Or rather, it felt like about a measure of apples consolidated into one glass, implying that it’s a more concentrated flavor than the real fruit.

However, it is still rather enjoyable and surely more delightful than Scivation’s Blue Raspberry flavor, which is overwhelmingly sugary. A word of warning: simply adulterate your BCAAs with at least a cup and a half of water to evade the intense sweetness that a lot of people lament about.

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