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Provital BCAA
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“Bravo Enterprise” was started in the year 2016, and is engaged in manufacturing a wide variety of Protein supplements. As a rather new company, situated in Zirakpur, India, it is known to produce products according to set industry standards and is FSSAI Certified.

At its core are 7g of BCAAs in the natural invented and study-proven 2:1:1 ratio, plus glutamine and citrulline malate. Throughout this formulation, amino acids are released both prior to and subsequent to a workout. Provital BCAA reduces muscle injury while promoting heightened lean body mass.

bcaa watermelon


Proximate Principals Amount 10 gm
Energy 15 kcal
Protein 0 gm
Carbohydrates 3 gm
Fat <1 mg
L- Leucine 3.5 mg
L- Isoleucine 1.75 mg
L- Valine 1.75 mg

bcaa watermelon

Personal Reviews: 

I tried this BCAA in different amounts of water because according to past experiences with other brands, it has been quite sweet. The best results are in a medium shaker (8-10oz) with a scoop of this BCAA. this product tastes like Sherbet and has a hint of bubblegum flavor to it. This BCAA is quite cheaper than the other products available in the market. The other flavors are quite okay too, besides this, I have tried mixed fruit by this company. Overall, this product is not too bad and I would recommend this to friends who have just started hitting the gym.

bcaa watermelonAs for the flavor, I think you can not really go wrong with the Watermelon. This is not extremely sweet as the mixed fruit one is and you get quite addicted to its refreshing taste in a matter of few days during the workout. From the first to the last sip, this product retains its flavor.

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