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Under every circumstance, whether you are a man, woman, child or old, a working person or student, protein is the most indispensable nutrient for the body. It is needed for the total growth of the body, for hormonal secretions within the body, for the optimum functioning of our systems, for muscle recovery, etc. To compensate for these needs, it is fundamental to have approximately a gram of protein per kg of your body weight every day. Sadly, the food that we intake these days is generally deprived of this vital element.

Nutrilite all plant protein powder presents you the goodness of nature and the power of protein from its tri-blend -soy, wheat, and yellow pea. It is 100% plant-sourced and lactose-free. It is created to present you with a synergy of all necessary amino acids which are essential for the preservation and rebuilding of cells and tissues. It is a wholesome alternative over high-fat high, cholesterol sources such as red meat, whole egg, whole milk, etc. Ingredients of this protein powder includes : Soy protein isolated(82.26%), wheat protein(10%), pea protein(7.2%), silicon dioxide(0.24%) . This product provides a high protein content of 80% and 8g protein per 10g serving. It is available on online commercial sites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc. It is also available in 500gm packaging besides the 1kg pack,

Personal Reviews:

If you are not a regular gymmer or do not have a super hectic day schedule and no physical goals, then this protein powder would not suffice. This protein is quite good just to meet daily nutrient goals. It is kind of more expensive than it really should be. For gymming purposes, my advice is to go for the regular whey protein. Although, this protein is great for people who are working or suffering for some kind of deficiencies. There is no harm in including soya in your diet as contrary to the popular myth. Although, one should limit its intake to not more than 2 scoops per day. Excess of everything is bad.

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