Man Arden Shampoo- The Pacific Prince Review

Man Arden Shampoo

Product Name: The Pacific Prince

Product Description: Man Arden hair strengthening shampoo intensely cleans and refreshes hair with an exhilarating effect that leads to the improvement of a healthy scalp and hair. It incorporates no SLS, Sulphates, no Paraben and no Silicons.

Price: 349

Currency: INR

  • Value for Money
  • Hair fall Control

Points to Note

  • Man Arden Shampoo is a fine example of a luxurious product, that fights against the dry, damaged and dehydrated hair.
  • Contains with activated charcoal it enhances the quality of hair, and leaves hair refreshed, nourishing each strand after every wash.
  • Apart, this shampoo reaches the follicles and provides them with essential nutrients that help to strengthen the hair, and supports hair growth.
  • Another best feature of this product is that it is free from paraben, sulfate, silicone and mineral oil.

Man Arden is a growing and vibrant company that endeavors to render good quality branded products. strives to provide for the daily fashion needs of men’s cosmetics.

It is such an excruciating fact that men’s skin is 30-40% thicker than a woman’s. Additionally, it is also known to have more oil-producing glands and larger pores. Add shaving to the list, and it all adds up to one very important fact: to look its best, your skin, too, requires care that’s particularly formulated for its unique needs.

Man Arden claims to understand men’s skin. That’s why their product delivers the quick absorption and lightweight formulation that your skin demands and targets your concerns with powerful custom-fit solutions. The Man Arden outcome is high-tech, high-performance men’s skincare that gets real results. Try it and see for yourself.

Some Personal Cons which I found were:

->The shampoo might leave your hair really dry, therefore, you will have to use a conditioner after this shampoo.

->It doesn’t really have a magical effect on hair fall or hair strengthening, rather it might increase it if the conditioner is not applied afterward.

->Has a peculiar smell of aloe vera or something alike.

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